Who we are

We are EXPERTS at capturing corporate live events. We deliver rich media (aka presentation capture or lecture capture), event audio and webcasting services faster, easier, and without the complications that are the norm in this industry. We meet deadlines, EXCEED EXPECTATIONS and perform well in live environments. “When it’s live, you only get one chance.”


Why CHOOSE us?

In a word: Affordable Quality (ok, ok, that was two words) This isn’t cliche or marketing spin, it’s why we exist. It means we get to know you, your company and your objectives, then we roll up our sleeves and provide customized solutions at previously unthinkable prices. And all of this without the tech-speak. We understand the rigors of working in a live environment, where quick thinking, and backup systems are a must. We will meet your needs and we will exceed your expectations while producing and delivering rich media that’s both high quality and hassle free.