Our Philosophy

In three words…

Speed. Simplicity. Quality.



Our capture solution delivers finished content that’s “Ready in Real-Time”. We capture HD video of your presenters, integrate presentation materials, insert lower thirds and other branding elements and edit everything together…as your event happens and we record it all in an open source, web-ready, mobile friendly format. We like to say it this way: “When your presenter walks off the stage, your video is ready!”

And speaking of fast, we regularly upload an entire multi-day event’s worth of content, to our client’s servers, within 24 hours of the conclusion of their event and in many cases sooner (during the event). And individual sessions can start to be uploaded within minutes of said session’s conclusion if you wish, subject of course to available and adequate internet connections.



To us, simplicity embodies several important ideas.

First: Simple deliverables (web videos). Our experience indicates that most viewers just want to push play, sit back and…watch. They don’t want to have to click to enlarge, push here to get there, minimize this or expand that. The deliverable we produce is a single video with all presentation materials, lower thirds, graphics and other branding elements, neatly integrated. Just click play…and watch.

Second: Mobile friendly. Because our deliverables are H.264 web videos they’re mobile friendly by design. There’s nothing viewers have to do differently to be able to watch on their mobile device of choice.

Third: Easy integration and hosting. Because we create web standard videos, you can embed them on virtually any web page and host them on nearly any platform. No complicated buckets full of media encoded in proprietary formats and no forced hosting requirements as a result.

Fourth: Easy to move (your content) when you need to. At some point you’ll decide to switch web publishing platforms, integrate new web technologies and/or change media hosting providers. Since our deliverables are standard web videos, you can easily move them to a new platform anytime.



Not your typical hybrid meeting content.

Most hybrid meeting content looks like it was produced with a cheap video camera stuck in the back of the room…because it was. Video that never changes (no zooming, panning or camera operation) coupled with poor room lighting and cameras that don’t perform well in lower light conditions leave viewers with a poor experience.

We know that our clients value the engaging style of content that we produce. But that doesn’t happen by accident. Many of our clients don’t want to spend extra money on supplementary stage lighting, so we hand select high definition cameras that perform well in lower light conditions, so your content is beautiful and distraction free.

Next, all of our cameras are actively operated throughout the event. So when the presenter decides to walk to one side of the stage and talk for 5 minutes, your viewers aren’t left staring at an empty podium.

Finally, the process we use to capture your presentation materials is unlike any other. We capture at 30 FPS which means we not only capture slides but also video. And we can capture web demonstrations as well as software and programming demonstrations. This is something none of our competitors can do (30 FPS).
When speed, simplicity and quality are what you want, we’re the obvious choice.