Our Story


Drew Bischof is Founder and CEO of Presentation Capture HD™. He’s often asked, how he created this amazing system. Funny they should ask…it’s an interesting story.

   The short answer is…by accident. Literally.

Several of Drew’s clients approached him with thoughts that went something like this: “Drew, we love your production work and we love the web videos you create for us, but can’t you find a way to create the videos faster?” At first his reaction was, “No”. Actually it was more like, “he** no!” but he didn’t say that. Video production (filming conferences in this case) has always been a two step process. Film, then edit.

But as time went on, he kept getting essentially the same request. Then one day it hit him. He’d been experimenting with some cutting edge video tools intended for a completely different purpose when he realized there might be a way to use them to create the solution his clients had been asking for. And that’s how Presentation Capture HD was born.

At first, it was risky. His “beta version” was unstable and crashed frequently but it produced the result his clients wanted: Conferences captured and turned into video FAST! (specifically they wanted HD video and digital capture (not using a video camera) of all presentation materials combined into a web video that was ready nearly immediately)

After experimenting with his ideas in his office for about 4 months, he tentatively approached a client and explained what his solution could do. But he was quick to explain that this solution was in beta and he couldn’t guarantee it would work reliably.

His client agreed to the risk (Drew had figured out how to run a backup system in parallel that would allow him to re-create any sessions that weren’t properly captured) and so Drew flew to Pittsburgh on a cold November day to try it “for real” and it worked! (although that first event presented him quite a few challenges and lots of stress) Emboldened to try again, he sold it, again in “beta”, to another client 2 months later.

Finally, after multiple successful events done “in beta”, he decided it was time for it to go prime time! And they rest (as they say) is history. Now we count Intel Corporation, Meeting Planners International & MTV among a growing list of our valued clients.

Will you be next?

Drew is happily married and has 3 children. He loves the beach, the ocean, the island of Maui (where he lived for the past two years), coffee, RC car racing and NASCAR. He’s active in his community as a volunteer and with a number of charitable organizations including Basketball Maui. He teaches production classes periodically in his home town and currently serves as the Director of Broadcast Ministries at Hope Chapel Maui. He currently lives north of the Bay Area in California but longs to return to his beloved Maui.


Maui, Hawaii – Our Paradise (Panorama captured w/ Drew’s iPhone 5. Keawaiki Bay, Waianapanapa State Park near Hana)