Content Capture & Re-purposing

“Viewers can be watching within minutes.”

What’s the deliverable?

Simple Web Videos you can put on any webpage. All presentation materials are digitally captured and integrated picture-in-picture with HD video of your presenter then wrapped with custom event branding, lower thirds and graphics (if desired) and recorded web ready. And it’s all done in REAL-TIME!


Why Presentation Capture HD?

  • 1st – Speed. “Ready in Real-Time” means that your finished content is ready, when your presenter walks off the stage. It doesn’t get any faster! Uploading can begin immediately. (subject to available & adequate internet connection)
  • 2nd – Simplicity. A single video for each session, that’s mobile friendly. Watch on any device, host and embed your content anywhere.
  • 3rd – Quality. Typical hybrid meeting content looks like it was shot on a handy-cam in the back of the room in low light…because it was. Our finished product is HD and enjoyable to watch. Operated cameras that perform well in low light, integrated picture-in-picture with presentation materials, means you get great quality, engaging content. And 30 FPS capture of all presentation materials means that we capture not only slides but also video, as well as software, programming and web demonstrations. You’ve never seen hybrid meeting content like this.

Presentation Capture HD

“Grab a beverage, click play…and watch.”

Once your rich media has been created, it needs somewhere to live. Our Media Management services were designed with you in mind. From consulting and integration services to Media Hosting and platform creation.
We make media management easy.

The industry “norm” has always been…

Complicated deliverables (i.e. interactive webpages that require special scripts and server configurations), media that’s created in a proprietary format (which means they hold you hostage by forcing you to host your video/pages with them) and presentation materials that have to be uploaded to a server before your event even starts.
Troublesome event requirements, confusing user experiences and clunky authentication processes are common.

Not anymore.



  • “Ready in Real-Time” means your finished content is ready immediately and online quickly
  • Event Capture is 100% Done-For-You
  • 30 FPS capture means we capture not only slides but also video and web & software demos
  • Always Included – HD Video Of Presenter
  • Always Included – Capture Station Operators
  • Always Included – Custom Event Branding
  • Always Included – All Labor, Travel, Accommodations, Per Diem & Equipment Shipping Costs
  • No Pre-Event Preparation Or Uploading of Presentation Materials Required
  • No Forced Hosting Requirement
  • No Hidden Fees…Ever

What's Included in a Typical Capture Station

  • Capture Station Management System
  • (1) HD Video Camera with Accessories
  • (1) Uniformed, Courteous, Professional, Capture Station Operator
  • Digital Capture System with Accessories (for Capturing Presentation Materials)