Media Hosting


Media hosting. Not an insignificant piece of the media management puzzle. While we often include this with our PCHD Media Management services we also offer it as a stand alone service because we’ve found that many of our clients just need this piece.

One of the secrets to great user experiences when consuming rich media is the hosting method used to deliver that content. In today’s inter-connected, jet-set world, more and more people travel and work from far away places and often move about frequently. When delivering rich media, physical distance to the media’s location, is the #1 enemy.

We’ll try not to overwhelm you with the techie stuff but stay with us for a minute. Lets just say that there’s something called latency. Latency is a way of talking about how much time it takes for your device or computer to talk to the media server. The more physical distance between the two, the longer it takes for packets of information to travel back and forth. This isn’t too big a problem if you’re just surfing web pages, but when you want to watch video, its a whole different ballgame.

Many clients initially choose to host their rich media on the same server that their website is hosted on. Users connecting from long distances won’t have too much trouble loading the client’s webpages but they may experience the dreaded “stuttering and buffering” when trying to watch video and consume rich media. Our PCHD Media Hosting solution solves this problem.

When you host with us our content delivery network (CDN) stores copies of your media, in more than 30 of the world’s largest commercial data centers, strategically located around the globe. When a user requests a media file, our system instantly analyzes their geographic location and connects their request to the nearest physical copy of your media. This minimizes stuttering and buffering caused by latency and greatly improves the user’s experience.


Key Features

  • Ultra-Low Cost Media Hosting & Delivery
  • Low Latency, High-Efficiency, World-Wide Delivery Using Cloudfront Technology
  • Month-to-Month, Cancel Anytime, No Long-Term Commitments
  • Optional, Integrated, Industry Leading Video Player(s)
  • Video Player Technologies that include…HTML5 / Mobile Device Support
  • Video Player Technologies that include…Built-in Theft Protection
  • Video Player Technologies that include…Custom Skinned / Branded
  • Video Player Technologies that include…Custom or Limited Player Controls
  • Video Player Technologies that include…Pre/Mid/Post CTA’s