Media Management


Online video strategies are a hot topic. Media management is a big part of that strategy. Issues like HTML5, the iOS platform, Android flash video support, secure pay walls, authentication, platform integration, embedding, theft prevention, clickable calls-to-action in the video player, what file type and video codec, which video player technology…the list goes on and on. Then there’s the questions…

  • What platforms will we target?
  • Which will we support?
  • Which ones WON’T we support?
  • How do we deliver the best user experience?
  • Will our current content hosting approach/solution integrate with our new web platforms & initiatives?
  • How do we integrate and distribute new content across our existing collection of web properties?


The solution?

PCHD Media Management

Capturing and creating your rich media is only the first step. Getting it online and integrated into your existing platforms, channels and distribution systems is often a much bigger challenge. So many of our customers have said to us, “We love your rich media creation system but how do we get it online, can we monetize it and can it integrate with our existing web platforms and authentication systems?”

You’re not alone in this struggle, this is one of the biggest challenges facing the enterprise today. “How do we integrate, manage and move (when its time to change platforms or service providers) our online content without killing ourselves or spending a fortune?” The good news is, it’s easier than you think!

PCHD Media Management services has the experience and capabilities to deliver industry leading, quality solutions that are consistent with our core philosophy: Affordable, Fast & Easy.

For many clients, its the technical stuff that’s the greatest frustration. In some cases, they just need some consulting from a trusted expert, to get their teams moving in the right direction. Our consulting services include media assessments designed to identify key issues specific to your existing platforms, advice on how best to direct your in-house teams and insights on what new technologies offer the best value for accomplishing current and future objectives.

But some clients don’t need consultation, they need done-for-you services. A-la-carte or end-to-end solutions, we have a range of services designed to address today’s most difficult challenges. From purpose built and custom branded, stand-alone, single event websites to large media portals that integrate neatly with your existing web technologies and are designed from the ground up with the flexibility to grow along with you.

The following is a list of key deliverables and services we regularly provide to our clients:

  • Media Hosting & Delivery (our private Edge Networks deliver great viewing experiences anywhere in the world)
  • Our proprietary video player that includes excellent branding, security & content control features
  • HTML5 / iOS / Android / Mobile Device support, integrations & upgrades
  • Pay-wall / Shopping cart integration
  • Platform & technology integrations
  • Web page publishing & complete media portal design, construction & branding
  • Theft prevention, password protection & content control
  • In-player calls-to-action including pre/mid-roll CTA’s, pop-up clickable buttons/links & auto-redirection
  • In-player, secure payment integration permitting in-player monetization on platforms like Facebook